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【Higher Education】Internationalization and Student Mobility

Theme: Higher Education in the Wave of Internationalization:Develop through Multi-Cooperation in a Diversified World

Time: October 20 - 21, 2016 (Thursday - Friday) 09:00 - 12:30

Venue: Convention Hall No.2 BC

Today, the global landscape for higher education has “changed beyond recognition”, becoming a dynamic global marketplace. However, many countries are finding it challenging to keep up with such rapid changes while at the same time dealing with a major expansion of the higher education sector that has taken place in almost every country. Higher education is now facing severe situation. How to provide broad-based education that equips students with wider knowledge? How to offer students with relevant skills that ensuring their employability? How to advance HEI’s internationalization through global cooperation and exchange? How to cope with the challenges that arised? Speakers from international communities will share their insights on these topics.

Time: Content: Forum theme:
2016/10/20 09:00-11:00 Plenary Session Higher Education in the Wave of Internationalization:Develop through Multi-Cooperation in a Diversified World
2016/10/20 11:00-12:30 Panel Session 1 Report Release: Internationalization of Higher Education in China 2016
2016/10/20 13:30-15:00 Panel Session 2 International Student Mobility:Quality Assurance in the Trend of Diversification
2016/10/21 09:00-12:00 Panel Session 3 Study in China: Good Practice and Quality Promoting
2016/10/21 12:00-12:30 Panel Session 4 Research Project on Higher Education Internationalization and Study in China
2016/10/20 13:30-15:00 Panel Session 5 Tradition, Innovation and Fusion: A Discussion of Governments’ Conception and Experience on International Students Cultivation
2016/10/21 09:00-10:30 Panel Session 6 From Regional to Global: A New thought to Overseas Promotion of Chinese Universities
2016/10/21 11:00-12:30 Panel Session 7 Practical Education in Internationalization Trends: the Development on Career-oriented International Students in China
2016/10/21 13:30-15:00 Panel Session 8 Student First and Diverse Development: Exploring New Ways for International Students Service
2016/10/21 15:30-17:00 Workshop Informatization Construction of International Students Management
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