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【Vocational Education】International Agri-Husbandry Higher Vocational Education Development Forum

Theme: Focus on Agri-Husbandry Vocational Education Converge upon International Exchange Cooperation

Time: October 19, 2017 (Thursday) 13:30 - 17:00

Venue: Convention Hall No.3

Agri-husbandry is the leading industry supporting human production and life, which is of great significance to the promotion of global economic development and the guarantee of human life. The countries all over the world have accumulated rich resources and advantages in agri-husbandry development, and it has great prospect for agri-husbandry to "bring in" and "go out". Therefore, it is particularly important for agricultural vocational colleges, to carry out exchanges and cooperation globally, and cultivate internationalized talents of agri-husbandry. This forum aims to explore the challenges and opportunities of international agri-husbandry higher vocational education development, promote exchanges and cooperation and provide an interactive platform for agri-husbandry talents’ development. Furthermore, the purpose of improving education quality and running schools can be achieved. Through establishing international agri-husbandry vocational education alliance, studying the common and differences of agri-husbandry vocational education in different countries and exploring the different educational models of different colleges, it can give full play to the advantages of alliance members and scool-running resources and explore the international standards in agri-husbandry construction. Besides, the international technical skills contest in agri-husbandry feild can be carried out. All of these strive to achieve the goal of sharing resources, complementing advantages, mutual benefit, mutual promotion and overall improvement.

Notice of Postponement of CACIE 2017 Forum and Education B2B