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【Early Childhood Education】Global Summit of Preschool Education

Theme: Preschool Education Informatization in the Information Age: Challenges and Opportunities

Time: October 20, 2017 (Friday) 09:00 - 17:00

Venue: Room 311

Education informatization is the imperative trend of education development in the 21st century. The preschool education informatization has developed rapidly with great achievements since the 10-year Development Plan for Education Informatization was released in 2012. However, we need to think carefully about several questions on preschool education in the wave of information age, for example, how to promote the Preschool Education Informatization to a higher level, how to establish an effective Information Management System in kindergartens, how to set up information platform between families and kindergartens, and so on. Attendees will discuss the development trend of preschool education in the information age and exchanges their experiences of the international community at this conference, which will definitely in favor of the development of preschool education informatization in China, and concatenating the international educational resources in order to make a significant contribution to the development and internationalization of our nation’s preschool education.

Notice of Postponement of CACIE 2017 Forum and Education B2B