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【Education & ICT】Innovation Education and Information Technology Workshop

Theme: Industry-Academy Cooperation and Collaborative Innovation to Jointly Build a High-quality Educational Ecosystem

Time: October 20, 2017 (Friday) 13:30 - 17:00

Venue: Convention Hall No.4ABC

Under the background of technological revolution, industrial transformation, new economy, and a new beginning, to promote the four national development strategies and the innovation-driven development strategy, this forum guides attendees to experience the combination of technology and education and witness the unlimited potentials of educational reform brought by innovative technologies. The cross-border cooperation and integration of creative education and leading technologies creates new highlights and brings new approaches to teachers and new opportunities to students. The collaboration, interaction, and resource sharing among multiple subjects results in the effect of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts and maximizes the value of creative education.

This Workshop focuses on how to foster students' creative awareness and integrate creative awareness fostering into the teaching process. It also explores new teaching approaches, multidimensional practices, and individualized teaching to improve the integration of specialty education and creative and entrepreneurship education.

In accordance with the "new engineering" concept and in consideration of new technologies, new industries, new business formats, and new modes, Apple invests its leading technologies and global educational resources in industry-academy cooperation and collaborative education, and participates in the comprehensive cooperation from general education to higher education. This forum is intended to share Apple's success stories and the successful experience of creative education in China and abroad to boost China's reform of basic education and higher education and efforts of innovation and entrepreneurship, jointly promote deep cooperation between universities and industry, explore new modes of individualized teaching based on the "new engineering" concept, help students to give full play to their talent, and cultivate creative talents in our times.

Time: Content: Forum theme:
2017/10/20 13:30-13:40 Remarks Leader speech
2017/10/20 13:40-14:00 Keynote Speech The Modernizing Chinese Education 2030 & Educational Informatization
2017/10/20 15:50-16:10 Tea Break
2017/10/20 14:00-15:00 Session I - Panel Discussion Experts' Forum on Industry-University-Research Cooperation Innovation Project
2017/10/20 15:00-15:50 Session II Crossover Cooperation on Talent Cultivation - Supporting "New Engineering Courses"
2017/10/20 16:10-17:00 Session III "Everyone Can Code" Project of Cooperative Talent Cultivation Between Universities and Enterprises
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