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【Higher Education】Seminar on Promoting American Students to Study in China: Opportunities, Challenges and Solutions

Time: October 20, 2017 (Friday) 09:00 - 12:30

Venue: Convention Hall No.4ABC

The purpose of this event is to engage Chinese Universities with international programs to help increase their capacity to attract and host American international students. The US-China bilateral relationship is the most consequential in the world, however the number of American students coming to China for educational exchanges has dropped. It is imperative that more Americans participate in these exchanges so that they may understand China better. This is why both governments have committed to working together to strengthen these platforms for exchange.

This 3.5 hour seminar will  provide practical training for Chinese universities in areas such as marketing, program and curriculum development that will help Chinese institutions improve their ability to provide services that will attract and serve American students. The seminar will include panel discussion topics such as the "Successful experiences and challenges of existing programs", "Suggestions on encouraging more Americans students to study in China", and a focus group portraying American Student perspectives and experiences in China.

Seminar participants will be comprised of Chinese University representatives who are in charge of international student programs. The Seminar is jointly organized by the US Department of State and CEAIE,with support from Project Pengyou.

Time: Content: Forum theme:
2017/10/20 09:00-09:10 Remarks Welcome remarks
2017/10/20 09:10-09:30 Keynote Speech Overall situation & trends of American Students Studying Abroad
2017/10/20 09:30-10:15 Panel Discussion Successful experiences and challenges of existing programs
2017/10/20 10:15-10:30 Tea Break
2017/10/20 10:30-11:15 Panel Discussion Suggestions on encouraging more American students study in China
2017/10/20 11:15-12:15 Discussion Student Perspectives & Group Sharing
2017/10/20 12:15-12:30 End of Session Concluding remarks
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