The 17th CACIE Country of Honour


China Education Association for International Exchange sincerely welcomes Ireland to be the Country of Honour at the 17th China Annual Conference for International Education in 2016.

Creativity and innovation have been important drivers of Ireland’s transformation into a high tech, knowledge based economy, and once again, Ireland is the fastest growing economy in Europe. In the frame of the 17th CACIE, the theme of Ireland’s Country of Honour role in this event will be “Ireland: Educating the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs”. Ireland is very well placed to lead discussions on this topic as a result of its innovative spirit and the fact that Ireland is among the most entrepreneurial countries in the world. Meanwhile, all of Ireland’s universities ranked in the top 5% globally. Each of Ireland’s universities, many of its institutes of technology and a number of private colleges will all participate at the 17th CACIE in 2016. Ireland’s Minister for Education and Skills will travel to China to participate in the CACIE’s opening ceremony and receive the baton for Country of Honour. China is currently in the process of developing its network of universities of applied sciences. Ireland has a lot experience to share in this area given that it has very strong Institute of Technology sector. Besides above, Ireland has a longstanding tradition of providing high quality education, not just to Irish students, but to students from all over the world. Ireland offers world-class undergraduate and post-graduate programmes in business, science, technology, engineering and humanities. The country also provides a safe, English speaking environment, and is often noted as being one of the friendliest countries in the world.

Students and parents visiting the CEE will be glad to know that a recent independent study found that Ireland is number one in Europe in terms of international student satisfaction. So, Ireland has the happiest international students in Europe. Students should meet the Irish institutions and ask about scholarships options. Ireland recently launched a set of national level scholarships. The Claddagh Scholarship Programme includes 200 scholarships from 15 different institutions. Moreover, international students are supposed to be given exciting career opportunities, due to there are over 1,000 multinationals based in Ireland and a 12-month stay back option for international students. Its higher education institutions have very strong links to industry and deliver ‘employment-ready’ skills so students can transition smoothly into the workplace.

Ireland’s institutions will be happy to meet all visitors at the CEE to discuss study options. Join the growing number of international students choosing Ireland to fulfil their potential!

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