Theme of CACIE 2018

Education Modernization – Practice and Exploration


The year 2018 marks the 35th anniversary of Deng Xiaoping’s statement of “Gearing Education to the Needs of Modernization, the World and the Future”. It was proclaimed at the 19th National Congress of CPC that China would achieve the nation’s modernization with education modernization as the solid foundation by the mid-21st-Century. The Chinese education has realized the universalization of basic education, passed the massification of higher education, and more importantly, moved forward in the process of education modernization in the past 40 years. The Chinese government is at present designing “China Education Modernization 2035 Framework” to accelerate the construction of education modernization.


Oriented to modernization, education is obliged to change with the time, develop with the circumstances to meet the needs of social transformation. Higher priorities should be given to innovations in education thinking, reforms in teaching models, and cultivation of students’ innovative skills and practical capabilities. Following its internal development rules, based on education has to constantly improve its capacity to serve the social economic development in light of the future needs.


As the old Chinese saying goes, those who do not think about the future will not be able to do the present job well; those who do not have an overall view will not manage a single area well. To achieve education modernization, educators need to always bear in mind the overall situation of education development, the nation’s development and the future of the world’s development while consistently strengthening educational practices. Recognizing education modernization as the promoter, builders and defenders of a nation’s and the whole world's modernization, with a sense of responsibility of this noble mission, educators are called upon to work together with collective minds and wisdom to explore new ways of education development and international cooperation in the future.


Under the theme Education Modernization – Practice and Exploration, CACIE 2018 will invite leaders, educators and business elites from all over the world to share their experiences and perspectives, explore the way to education modernization, and map the blueprint of the future of global education.