International Forum on Transforming Education through Artificial Intelligence

Theme:Artificial intelligence and education informatization
Time:  October 18 09:00-18 17:00,2018

In the era of economic globalization, interests and destinies of all countries in the world are more closely connected with each other, and a community of shared future has come into being. “The community of shared future for mankind focuses on the sustainable development of human civilization”. The opportunities and challenges brought by globalization have given global education new missions and responsibilities.


Modern information technologies such as Internet, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence have profoundly changed the way people think, produce, live and learn. At present, Education is deeply integrated with technology. Science and technology have become the endogenous driving force for education transformation, and information technology has more and more revolutionary influence on future education.


“ International Forum on Transforming Education through Artificial Intelligence ” aims to gather global experts and scholars in the field of artificial intelligence, education informatization and Internet education service. All experts and scholars will jointly discuss the following issues:


5G and Interactive System for Distance Education
Knowledge Mapping and Science Education
Learner Modelling and Learning Analytics
From Digital Campus to Smart Learning Environment
Smart Education Solutions
International Education Informatization Policies and Cases
Digital Education and A community of Shared Future for Mankind

Agenda October 18, 2018

Time Content Theme
09:00 --09:30 Opening Ceremony Welcome Remark
09:30 --10:00 Keynote Speech Artificial Intelligence 2.0 and Education
10:00 --10:30 Keynote Speech Cognitive China: Creating a blueprint for an AI-enabled China
10:30 --11:00 Keynote Speech Shared digital economy、Promoting digital education
11:00 --11:30 Keynote Speech AI talents development:Co-construction of Industrial College、Service industry upgrading
11:30 --12:30 workshop Intelligent technology development strategy & Education transformation in the age of intelligence
12:30 --13:30 Lunch Lunch
13:30 --14:00 Keynote Speech Upgrading education informatization、Promoting education revolution
14:00 --14:30 Keynote Speech Development of education informatization in Central and Eastern Europe
14:30 --15:00 Keynote Speech Knowledge mapping and science innovation education
15:00 --15:30 Keynote Speech 5G and Smart Campus
15:30 --16:30 Roundtable Smart Education Solutions and Application Cases

EdTech、Smart Education
Digital Campus、Smart Schools、Smart Learning Environment
Education Cloud、Education Big Data、Educational Robot

16:30 --17:00 Summary Closing Ceremony