2018 International Symposium of Middle School Principals

Theme:Secondary education for the new era -- preparation for the future of students
Time:  October 19 13:30-20 17:00,2018

The 19th CPC National Congress has opened a new era of socialist construction with Chinese characteristics and reform & opening up. Building a powerful nation education is the foundation for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Internationalization of education is the inevitable choice of education development. The International Forum on High School Principals 2018 will discuss how to help the future development of the students in the aspects of talent training, curriculum reform and teachers' development of high school education in the new era.

Agenda October 19, 2018

Time Content Theme
14:00 --14:05 Host Opening Host Opening
14:05 --14:15 Remarks Remarks
14:15 --15:15 Keynote Speech Keynote Speech
15:30 --17:30 Panel Discussion The talent training for the new era

Agenda October 20, 2018

Time Content Theme
09:00 --10:45 Panel Discussion The curriculum reforming for the new era
11:00 --12:30 Panel Discussion The teachers' developmenting for the new era
13:30 --15:00 Panel Discussion International Education Resources Sharing
15:30 --17:00 Branch committee Meeting Work Conference of Secondary Education Committee for International Exchange