The International Symposium on Senior Education

Theme:the Elderly Education Modernization – Practice and Exploration
Time:  October 19 13:30-20 12:00,2018
Room:Function Hall, Beijing Chaoyang Community College

In the coming of the new era, the application of Information Technology has affected our lives and work more and more profoundly. As a result, the ideas, models, methods, forms, and effects of traditional lifelong education have also changed. The five-year plan (2016-2020) on elder care issued by the State Council puts forward the "advancing the level of modernization of elder education." The elder education should actively carry out the action to deal with the aging population”. In order to help the elderly to enjoy health, happiness, independence, and dignity life, and helping them to return to the society,  we will discuss the following methods in our forum,

1. Take the positive education concepts towards the elder education as a guide;

2. Using modern information technology to innovate and develop education for the elderly;

3. Innovating learning methods and teaching models, and promoting information technology and teaching level.

4. Integration of high quality elder education resources;

5. improving the teaching and administrative level of elderly education; 

6. Providing elderly learners with more diversified and modernized learning ways;

7. Accelerating the "Internet + Elderly Education" development process.