Internationalization of Higher Education and Students Mobility

Theme:New Development, New Trend and New Measures of Internationalization of Higher Education
Time:  October 18 09:00-19 17:00,2018

Economic globalization has brought new trend of internationalization to higher education in the world. More countries are aware that internationalization of higher education has gone far beyond educational policy, it plays an important part in a country’s strategy development process. With the increase in international exchanges and cooperation of higher education, the connotation of internationalization of higher education has been broadened. What are the new trends of internationalization of higher education in the world? How do we enhance internationalization level of higher education by promoting international communication and cooperation? How can colleges and universities develop with its own features through internationalization and be assured of a place in the wave of internationalization? This forum invites representatives of leading organizations, well-known universities, educational research institutions at home and abroad to discuss above topics.

Agenda October 18, 2018

Time Content Theme
09:00 --09:05 Host Opening Host Opening
09:05 --09:10 Remarks Remarks
09:10 --09:30 Keynote Speech Keynote Speech
09:30 --09:45 Keynote Speech Keynote Speech
09:45 --10:00 Keynote Speech Keynote Speech
10:00 --10:15 Keynote Speech Keynote Speech
10:15 --10:30 Keynote Speech Keynote Speech
10:30 --10:50 Tea Break Tea Break

Subforum October 18, 2018

Time Name
09:00 - 17:00 Internationalization of Higher Education in China and Foreign Countries
13:30 - 17:00 Quality First: New Phase of Study in China

Subforum October 19, 2018

Time Name
13:30 - 17:10 Medical Education Symposium for Foreign Students Study in China