New Era and Future Education Seminar

Theme:Explore the development trend, challenges and countermeasures of education in the future
Time:  October 18 09:00-18 17:00,2018

For the implementation of the central policy "Some opinions on strengthening and improving cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries", for the future promote mutual learning Chinese and foreign education field, we arrange the founding conference of “Future Education Research Committee of China Education Association for International Exchange ” and the New Era and the Future Education Seminar during China Annual Conference For international Education & Expo held in in October, 2018, Beijing . Well-known education experts, researchers, and the typical demonstration significance of principals of primary and secondary schools are invitated to explore the new era of the future education development direction, and provide lead future education solutions together in the seminar.

Agenda October 18, 2018

Time Content Theme
09:00 --10:00 Launching Ceremony The founding meeting of the Future Education Research Committee

Election of the council, etc

10:00 --10:15 Tea Break Break
10:15 --12:00 Keynote Speech Thematic report

1. Outlook of education for the world and China
2. Influence of artificial intelligence on future education
3. Development of education in the future to meet the requirements of the new era

Yinfu Yang
Outlook of education for the world and China
the Chinese Society of Education
Zhixiang Cao
Influence of artificial intelligence on future education
Education equipment research and development center of the Ministry of Education
Xiaoning Zhai
Development of education in the future to meet the requirements of the new era
The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China
Shenghua Zhang
12:00 --14:00 Lunch Lunch Time
14:00 --15:00 Keynote Speech Thematic Report

Cynthia Wrenn,Elementary Principal, Beijing International Bilingual Academy

15:00 --16:00 Roundtable Round table discussion (1) : The impact of artificial intelligence on future education

Caibin Tang, principal of Hangzhou Shidai School
Suxiang Li, president of Qingdao Development Zone Experimental Junior Middle School
Shuangjin Sun,president of Nanjing Beijing East Road Primary School
Junliang Zeng, president of Beijing Experimental School
Yuansheng Zhou, president of Shandong Weifang New Epoch School
Ruilin Wang, Editor-in-chief of the "Course Weekly" in "China Education Daily"

16:00 --17:00 Roundtable Round table discussion (2) : New era future education education mode innovation

Lingfang Luo, president of Hangzhou Anjilu Liangzhu Experimental School
Shengyong Li, president of Shandong Leling experimental Primary School
Zhen Li, president of Jilin Xinlian Zhongjiao Education Group
Yong Ren, president of Longyan Zijinshan Experimental School
Jiangpeng Tang, Jiangsusheng Xishan High School
Peigen Lai, Deputy chief editor of "people's education"

17:00 --17:00 End of Session END